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The UMR996 laboratory (under the supervision of Inserm/Paris-Saclay) has a Job opening for an Inserm Chair position. The recruited researcher is expected to develop an original project built on his/her expertise in immunology and, ideally, on the skin environment. Alternatively, candidates with expertise in microbiology, will also been consider given that the team/unit scientists will provide complementary expertise in microbiology or immunology depending the expertise of the candidate. Our laboratory has joined since September 2022 the new Moissan Institute located in Saclay which is in the immediate vicinity of many other research centers – ENS & CEA Paris-Saclay, Institute of Integrative Cell Biology (I2BC), Institute of Plants (IPS2).

Inserm Chair position is a new recruitment method of researchers principally based on research with also some teaching (28h of lectures/year) during the 5 years period, allowing, at the end of the 5-year term, and after evaluation of the scientific value and professional aptitude of the candidate by a tenure commission, direct access to a permanent position in the INSERM Research Director corps. The Inserm Chair position open at Inserm are aimed at researchers who have a strong potential to manage and lead a research team, as well as to participate in national, European or international projects.

More information and application below:

We recommend that interested applicants contact the director of the unit, Fran├žoise Bachelerie, before applying by email at