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UMR-996 INSERM – Paris-Saclay University

Inflammation, Microbiome and Immunosurveillance


The UMR-996 is organized in 3 teams

  • Team I, Immunoregulation, Chemokines and Viral Persistence
  • Team II, Drug and Chemical Allergy, Immunotoxicology And Immunopathology
  • Team III, Microbiome in liver disease: from susceptibility to treatment

It is composed of biologists combining expertise in the fields of Immunology, Virology, Pathophysiology and Toxicology and is connected to the commissions 5, 7 and 8 of Inserm. Some of us also have clinical activity thus promoting the development of translational research projects. Our objectives are to analyze the pathological mechanisms of three classes of diseases: immune (autoimmunity and immunodeficiencies) and inflammatory related to chemical agents/drugs or metabolic liver disorders.