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UMR-996 INSERM – Paris-Sud University

Inflammation, Chemokines and Immunopathology

Inserm Center Clamart and faculty of Pharmacy Châtenay-Malabry



The UMR-996 is organized in 3 teams

  • Team I, Immunoregulation, Chemokines and Viral Persistence
  • Team II, Drug and Chemical Allergy, Immunotoxicology And Immunopathology
  • Team III, Intestinal Microbiota and Macrophages In Liver Inflammation

It is composed of biologists combining expertise in the fields of Immunology, Virology, Pathophysiology and Toxicology and is connected to the commissions 5, 7 and 8 of Inserm. Some of us also have clinical activity thus promoting the development of translational research projects. Our objectives are to analyze the pathological mechanisms of three classes of diseases: immune (autoimmunity and immunodeficiencies) and inflammatory related to chemical agents/drugs or metabolic liver disorders.