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Drug and Chemical Allergy, Immunotoxicology And Immunopathology

Team Leader: Pr Marc PALLARDY

Our main concerns are the mechanism of inflammatory allergic immune diseases focusing our interest on determining and elucidating the role of signaling pathways triggered in innate immune cells: dendritic cell and neutrophils.

Research themes

The main research axis of the team « Drug and Chemical Allergy, Immunotoxicology and Immunopathology » is the understanding of the physiopathological mechanisms related to immunopathologies of allergic origin and in response to immunization’s adjuvants. We are particularly interested in analyzing how dendritic cells and neutrophils are controlling these responses.
– Most specifically, we are studying the role of the Nrf2 transcription factor and its effect on the phenotype of dendritic cells, the skin microenvironment and the control of the inflammatory response.
– Neutrophils are studied especially from the perspective of the NETosis. The role of NET (neutrophil extracellular trap) is studied in anaphylactic shock (immediate hypersensitivity) to neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBA) used during anaesthesia in humans and in allergic contact dermatitis induced by chemical sensitizers (delayed hypersensitivity).
– We are also interested in identifying haptenized proteins by the drugs involved in immediate allergies and the existence of a repertoire of naive T-lymphocytes specific for these peptides derived from human albumin. The drugs studied are antibiotics of the beta-lactam family, the sulfamethoxazole antibiotic and NMBA (curare).

Keywords: Allergy, inflammation, allergic contact dermatitis, neutrophils, dendritic cell, T cell, Nrf2, drugs, nanoparticles, vaccines, chemicals.

Project Leaders

– Pr. Marc Pallardy :
– Pr. Sylvie Chollet-Martin :
– Pr. Saadia Kerdine-Romer :