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Microbiome in liver disease: from susceptibility to treatment

Head Leader: Pr. Gabriel PERLEMUTER
Co-Head Leader: Dr. Anne-Marie CASSARD-DOULCIER

Team III: Intestinal Microbiota and Macrophages In Liver Inflammation

Research themes

Despite the major public health concerns of these two diseases, therapeutic resources are scarce. The aim of our team is to decipher the mechanisms of inflammation in these two diseases in order to find new therapeutic targets. Our team is working on cells, animal models (including genetically modified) and human samples from patients. The team is closely associated with the liver department of Antoine-Béclère hospital.

We focus on three areas

  • Intestinal microbiota (MI) and liver damage related to alcohol and overweight: identifications of MI profiles and protective and harmful bacteria (Microbiota), involving changes to the enterohepatic cycle of bile acids, MI involvement in liver carcinogenesis, metabolomic studies.
  • Involvement of lipids and Kupffer cell in the liver inflammation: study of the possibility of targeting using nanoparticles (liposomes, lipoplexes) Kupffer cell to change its phenotype and reduce liver inflammation.
  • Translational research:
    1. Whether a specific metagenomics and metabolomics signature of MI may be associated with the occurrence of complications in patients with compensated cirrhosis. This project is based on national cirrhosis cohorts.
    2. Clinical hepatogastroenterology nutrition service of Antoine-Béclère hospital was accredited by ARS for Medico-surgical treatment of morbid obesity. In this context, we search in our cohort of patients, eventual predictif factors of efficacy for surgery and bariatric endocopie.

Project Leaders